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Twenty eight years of experience, with more than 7500 underwater deliveries, in the maternity of Ostend have proven that giving birth under water is a secure and reliable method. This is also confirmed by an English scientific report, published by the Department of Epidemologyand Public Health ( and another report from the Catholic University of Leuven.Women choose for an “instinctive”, natural childbirth.Because the partner is allowed in the delivery bath, women feel more supported, physically an psychologically.
The underwater delivery method has proven her many advantages, as for the mother as for the child.The hot water decreases the pain en shortens the labour time.
Due to this hot water the tissues become more elastic which decreases risks for tearing and episiotomy.
The woman, supported by her partner, is free in her movements and can participate actively to the childbirth. Many women deliver without any help, under the guarding eye of the medical team.
Our last DVD, richly illustrated with beautiful pictures, shows you the facts we have mentioned above.
The hot water of 37°C will welcome the newborn in the same surroundings as in which he has been living his first nine month. In that way the “transition choc” is reduced seriously. The immediate contact, skin to skin, between mother, child and the hot water, assures the feeling of safety and reduces stressful moments. Medical interventions are significantly decreasing.
Letting nature have its way while being ready for an eventual quick efficient intervention if necessary, that is the real art and our main goal. There is no risk for drowning and not more infections are diagnosed than with traditional deliveries.
For further scientific and general information we refer to
our last publication on video. On the homepage by clicking on the video button you will find all the necessary to order the item. Giving birth to twins and breeches are not a problem for under water deliveries, as you will witness on the DVD.



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