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The aquatic prenatal exercises prepare the future parents both psychologically as physiologically, so they can appreciate the pregnancy more.
Experience taught us that this helps the parents to come closer together and enables the father to go through his partner’s privacy in a very special way. During the delivery, they both benefit from this mutual affection. This results in a close bond between the mother, father and the baby. The love and tenderness, help the child with his development.
This way of relaxing reduces the muscle-tensions; the joints become more supple and the movements more free; the mother’s breathing will get slower and deeper and  therefore the intake  of oxygen will increase, to the benefit of both mother and child. The child’s metabolism enhances and the mother stays healthy during her pregnancy and delivery.
Both of the parents are trained together to get the most out of the aquatic pool that is at their disposal in the maternity during labour. These prenatal aquatic trainings offer the couple the opportunity to totaly relax in the warm water during the whole pregnancy.


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